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Nanjing Qinheng

Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. focuses on connectivity technology and microprocessor research and is an IC design company that designs chips based on self-developed professional interface IP and microprocessor IP. They provides USB/ Bluetooth /Ethernet interface chips, alongside connectivity/interconnectivity/wireless MCUs integrated with these interfaces.

Their company has been concentrating on the research of foundational technology. First, they delved into the research and implementation of key and common IP components, such as microprocessors and professional interface IPs. Second, they designed chips based on these IP components. They complemented these designs with protocol stack software and computer-side drivers to create professional products or solutions. Among these, the integration of microprocessors and professional interface technologies like USB resulted in a broad spectrum of product categories.

  • USB ICs
  • USB to UART
  • USB PD
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • USB Controllers
  • USB Extenders
PDFMfr.Part #PackageUSBDriver TypeChannelsMax Baud RateIO LevelsHardware Flow ControlAuto RS485USB ConfigurationClockOperating Temperature
CH340ESSOP102.0 Full-speed deviceVCP12Mbps5VCH340E/T/BCH340B built-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH341QFN282.0 Full-speed deviceVCP12Mbps5VYESYESexternalbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH342ESSOP102.0 Full-speed deviceVCP23Mbps5VYESCH342Fbuilt-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH343QFN242.0 Full-speed deviceVCP16Mbps5VYESCH343P/GCH343P built-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH348LQFP48480Mbps High-speed deviceVCP86Mbps3.3VYESYESbuilt-inexternal-40~+85℃
CH9101QFN162.0 Full-speed deviceVCP14Mbps5VYESYESbuilt-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH9102QFN242.0 Full-speed deviceVCP14Mbps5VYESYESCH9102F built-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH9326SOP162.0 Full-speed deviceHID1115200bps5Vbuilt-inbuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH9340ESSOP102.0 Full-speed deviceCDC11Mbps5VCH9340Ccustomizationbuilt-in-20~+85℃
CH9344LQFP48480Mbps High-speed deviceVCP412Mbps3.3VYESYEScustomizationexternal-40~+85℃


① Driver Type: CDC/HID is a system class driver. VCP is a driver for COM port provided by the manufacturer, which is recommended to be selected as it provides multiple functions and features high efficiency.

② USB Configuration:The VID, PID and product description string of a device can be set through a dedicated configuration tool.

③ CH347 implements 480Mbps High-speed USB to JTAG, USB to SWD, USB to High-speed SPI, USB to I2C, USB to High-speed UART, etc. It can be used for CPU debugger, FPGA downloader, programmer, etc.

USB to serial port CH910X series: CH9101U, CH9101H, CH9101R, CH9101Y, CH9101N, CH9102F, CH9102X, CH9103M, CH9104L, etc. These pin-compatible devices are to meet the localized replacement needs.

PDFMfr.Part #PackageUSBOperating Voltage
-CH225ESSOP10PD protocol
-CH226ESSOP10PD protocol
CH252DFN2*2-6LType-C 2.1 standard
PDFMfr.Part #PackageUSBClockOperating Temperature
CH9328SOP162.0 Full-speed deviceInternal-40~+85℃
CH9329SOP162.0 Full-speed deviceInternal-40~+85℃
CH9350LQFP482.0 full-speed Host * 2-40~+85℃
-CH9374BLQFP642.0 full-speed Host*4
PDFMfr.Part #PackageUSBClockOperating Temperature
CH331SSOP202.0 Full-speed deviceexternal-30~+80℃
CH341QFN282.0 Full-speed devicebuilt-in-40~+85℃
CH345SSOP202.0 Full-speed deviceexternal-40~+85℃
CH347TSSOP20480Mbps High-speed deviceexternal-40~+85℃
-CH9343SOP162.0 Full-speed hostexternal-40~+85℃


①:CH347, CH340 and CH341 can also implement USB to UART, refer to "USB To UART" catalog;

PDFMfr.Part #PackageUSBHostDeviceOperating Temperature
CH331SSOP202.0 Full-speed device-30~+80℃
CH341QFN282.0 Full-speed device-40~+85℃
CH345SSOP202.0 Full-speed device-40~+85℃
CH347TSSOP20480Mbps High-speed device-40~+85℃
-CH9343SOP162.0 Full-speed host-40~+85℃


CH375 and CH372 offer crystal-less versions.

For detailed chip functionality, please refer to the corresponding data sheet or consult our online customer service.

These chips support various common USB interface devices, including keyboards, mice, barcode scanners, card readers, printers, USB drives, MIDI devices, fiscal control devices, USB audio interfaces, and manufacturer-specific devices, among others.

PDFMfr.Part #PackageExtension mediumExtension distance
CH315SESSOP10network cablefull-speed USB > 75m
CH317LQFP48Optical fiber> 6km
CH9350LQFP48network cable>1.2 km
PDFMfr.Part #PackageTT ModeOver-current DetectionPower ControlLED IndicatorSupply ModeOperating Temperature
CH334FQSOP28MTTGANG ModeGANG Mode45055YES-40~+85℃
CH334HLQFP48MTTIndividual ModeGANG Mode1YES-40~+85℃
CH334LLQFP48MTTIndividual ModeGANG Mode1YES-40~+85℃
CH334UQSOP28MTTGANG ModeGANG Mode45055YES-40~+85℃


CH374 provides SPI/parallel control interface, supports USB Host/Device, has built-in 3-port RootHub, and supports all types of transmission and Hub operations, etc.